1. Alright… So. I make it a point to go and see some form of live music at least once a month. And I have never experience a live performance like Sam Smith’s. He sounded pitch perfect. Exactly like his recordings. His tone and vocal control is unlike any other pop singer I’ve ever seen. His voice is like a string instrument; he has the same sort of skill and mastery over his vocal range as a violinist or cellist might.

    "I’ve never been in a relationship," he said, introducing some of his unreleased music  from the upcoming "In the Lonely Hour" to the sold out crowd at The Vic. "But, I still wanted to sing love songs." And he has written BEAUTIFUL songs for lonely people, who are still people in love. And his music cut right into the heartbreak and emotion I’ve experienced in the last few months and moved me to tears. Twice. And I’m a little dead inside. I also grabbed hands with a total stranger and we made eye contact and sang to each other. Then Sam Smith and I shared a moment when I was the only person to stand up and dance during "LaLaLa" (thanks bourbon!).

    It just felt like I was witnessing something big. Something huge. Like when you downloaded Adele’s first album before she became a sensation and you thought “Shit. This is the real deal.”

    Sam Smith is the REAL. DEAL.

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    "We were both really tired one night," McKinnon explains, "and I just said to Aidy, ‘Man, dyke is tired,’ and Aidy said, ‘Fats is tired, too.’ And then it became our beautiful thing that we had together and we wanted to make something out of it," McKinnon says. 

    More of Kate’s interview on Vulture

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    1. horoscope: aries enjoy breathing air and good food
    2. girl: yaaaaassss bitch thats me as hell
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    Clipse - When The Last Time

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  9. "We’re not friends, we’re not enemies. We’re strangers with some memories."
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